Monthly archives November 2006

Task List

Oh, I am very busy recently, I joined an English course last month, and I have to do many homework and test…. And talk with my teacher useing English.
As I have to spend more time in learning English, so the rate of progress of “Plain Box” is very slow….,actually, the theme is almost finished, the hardest part is to write the instruction of how to using the theme…..I hope I can finish it before Christmas……


1 – help my friend make a blog.
2 – w3sh blog design.
3 – Plain Box Theme
4 – Js Theme Remake.
5 – Learning English.
6 – other freelance.


Remake Js Theme Again

Thank you for everyone support my theme, Sorry for many problem on my Js Theme. As this was the first times that I made a wordpress theme, so it is not good and have many bug. After I made the second theme, I learn so many about wordpress. So, I am trying to remake the theme again, and I will base on the most update version of the K2 theme this time. If anybody have any idea and suggest, please feel free to tell me, thank you. 575