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New Theme for wordpress

正在製作新的wp theme, 新theme叫 plainbox, 主題是冬天, 所以以簡約的style, 白色, 少少墨綠和粉藍色為主。layout已差不多完成了, 下一步是最煩惱的css和php…..希望plainbox 能在10月完成吧..

最近正在學英文, 因為blog 很多人用英文留言….我英文又一向不好, 所以很煩惱呀…..如果不回留言又不太好…好像很cool似的…..所以我要加油了…@_@

I am making a new wordpress’s theme call Plainbox. PlainBox is a clean and sample theme; I use mostly write, deep green, and blue in this theme (winter mood). The layout is almost done, Next step is adding the code and css… (Oh….I hates that…) hope I can finish it before October.

P.S. I am learning English Recently, because I want to communicate with you guys. So…hope you can understand what I ‘m saying. Please let me know about any mistakes in grammar. I’m not so good at English but I’ll try to correct them ^^; Thank You.:$

Js Theme for WordPress release


About This Theme:

Yeah, Js Theme Bata1.0 出世了, Js theme bata1.0是base on k2 bata2修改的, K2 是我最欣賞的wordpress theme呀。..今次是我第一次整theme, 所以比較亂七八糟的……而且我對php和css的skill都是baby階段…呵。在製作過程我學懂了很多css, php和wordpress的智識, 之後我會努力改進和製作更多theme的。如果現有什麼問題請告訴我呀, 還有, 請高手指點一下。

(Below is for people who cannot understand Chinese. Please let me know about any mistakes in grammar . I’m not so good at English but I’ll try to fix them

Js Theme Bata1.0 is mostly K2, just with some minor design tweaks here and there. This is my first time making a wp theme . I am not aprogrammer, so, maybe I’ve got many mistakes in this theme, If anybody found a mistakes , please tell me and i will try my best to fix them.

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Phirebrush Issues 39


Phirebrush 一個是我平時常到的Illustration網, Phirebrush是以類似雜誌形式, 每期都會刊登不同作者的作品, 有 Illustration, Music, Photography, Wallpaper, Writing, 每期都令人大開眼界, 尤其Illustration的作者都超強呢。

新的Issue39出爐了, 新的一期登了我的畫呢, 超感動呀 :)

phir a

我的塗鴉境然出現在issues 39 主頁 Featured 中呀>uphir b

期他作品在第6頁, 有4 幅。