Connotations of black :
Evil, self-confidence, power, strength, death, sophisticated, designer, formal, conservative, serious, mysterious, sexy, mourning, rebellion, elegant, night, illegal, wicked, intensity, mature, advanced, fashionable, stylish, chic, and trendy.

Connotations of blue :
Patriotism, stability, power, trustworthiness, conservative, water, coolness, fun, cold, defeat, trouble, calm, strong, steadfast, light, friendly, confident, safe, corporate, intelligence, unity, sad, depression, old-fashioned, mourning, richness, superiority, truthful, loyal, faithful, noble, scholarly, unexpected, harmony, unity, clean, and technology.

Connotations of brown :
Warmth, comfort, steady, conservative, earthy, natural, nature, down-to-earth, wholesomeness, simplicity, friendliness, dependability, health, honesty, old, and aged.

Connotations of green:
Nature, environment, money, wealth, family, harmony, health, peace, posterity, soothing, relaxing, springtime, youth, humor, fun, happiness, life, growth, jealousy, envy, novice, restful, calming, balance, stability, summer, organic, recycled, plants, trees, fertility, fresh, good luck, and vigor.

Connotations of grey :
Stylish, chic, elegant, classy, fresh, innovative, modern, futuristic, technology, spacious, fashionable, soft, airy, high-tech, sleek, neutral, conservative, smart, designer, trendy, light, open, state-of-the-art, impartial, calm, comfortable, peaceful, and relaxed.

Connotations of orange :
Fall, Thanksgiving, Halloween, nature, earth, warmth, energy, flamboyant, energetic, sun, stimulating, health, sociable, friendly, citrus, balance, enthusiasm, vibrant, fertility, fire, luxury, heat, and activity.

Connotations of a rainbow:
Diversity, multiculturalism, fantastic, light, happy, friendly, cheerful, fantasy, God, promise, gold, magical, peaceful, pride, energy, power, comfort, fun, joy, enthusiasm, creativity, and perky.

Connotations of red:
Patriotism, conservatism, Christmas, stability, power, trustworthy, warmth, fire, fun, blood, success, sacred, hearth, emotion, courage, love, good fortune, heat, hot, evil, hell, anger, stop, respect, vitality, strength, aggression, intense, high energy, danger, communism, passion, and of course Valentines Day.

connotations of ultra pop :
Fun, fresh, new, young, hip, easy, simple, exciting, happy, and cheerful.

Connotations of white :
Cleanliness, purity, life, stability, trustworthy, peace, happiness, cold, marriage, goodness.

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