DIY Wallpaper


介紹一個有型又好挽的diy, The Rasterbator 1.2
原理係把一張圖分成好多格, print在a4紙上, 而耐心把圖合併, 就能做出巨大poster,wallpaper..好有型o架。


你只要用家里的printer print出圖圖的部分,就可以拼成幾米X幾米的poster,打多少張A4來拼沒有限制。快d試下啦!

The Rasterbator is an application which creates rasterized versions of images. The rasterized images can be printed and assembled into enormous (or smaller, if you prefer) posters. Enter the online Rasterbation Gallery to see what the images look like.

The Rasterbator originated as a web application at, but it has gained so much popularity that the web server occassionally cannot handle the load and a standalone version was in place.

The standalone version is the same as the web version, except that downloading images from the web and image cropping are not supported, and you have to set the output size numerically (number of pages wide/high) rather than using a fancy drag handle. The results are exactly the same.


More example :
I rasterbator-ed my wall Vanity Rasterbator in the living room close Vandalism [Detail] "Blam" rasterbation Me on my bike rasterbation IMG_2506 I've Been Rasterbating All Day Rasterbated Samurai New office art, thanks to the Rasterbator Detalle del ojo El poster de Andy Warhol I Rasterbator Giant Head Rasterbation farther New office art, thanks to the Rasterbator

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