Evernote – Notebook Sharing and Collaboration

EVERNOTE 一向是我mac和pc的“MUST APP”, 用來整理工作上和學習上的筆記。昨天發現了在web版evernote中新加了期待已久的分享notebook功能,現在可以方便在evernote中分享及共同編輯 notebook了,真方便呢!

evernote 不再是“the anti-social app”了,哈哈。

我的share notebook:

Graphic design 教學收集 :link

Webdesign:CSS,AJAX學習筆記 : link

WordPress 學習筆記 : link

Illustration inspiration : link

可按加上方“Link to my Account”button 把notes 加到你的evernote中。

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How it works

In your Evernote Web account, you will see a new, blue Sharing section in the navigation panel. Click on “sharing setup” to begin the process of sharing your notebooks. Select the notebook you wish to share, then decide whether to share that notebook with individuals or the world.

There are two additional options under the “Share with individuals” category:

  • Share with individuals (view only)
  • Share with individuals (view and modify) – Evernote Premium feature

For added security, you can require log in, which means that the unique link in the email your invitees receive can only be used by a single person and they’ll be asked to log in before seeing your notes.

Modify my notes (Evernote Premium only)

While all users get the ability to share their notebooks, Evernote Premium subscribers can also grant modification privileges: add, edit, and delete notes. You don’t need to be Premium in order to perform the modification, but you must be Premium in order to allow for modification of your notebooks. It’s important to note that any additions will affect the notebook owner’s monthly upload allowance. Learn more about Evernote Premium »

Linking notebooks into your account

We also made it really simple to keep track of any notebooks that have been shared with you. Whenever you visit someone’s shared notebook, you will see a “Link this to my account” button in the top right corner. Clicking that will add the notebook to your Evernote Web sharing section so you can jump back to the notebook any time you like. Try it now by linking this aspiring super villain’s notebook into your account.

New look

For those of you that published your notebooks in the past, you will see a new interface. The new look is closer to our standard web layout, and is much easier to scan and navigate. We also wanted to make sure that individuals unfamiliar with Evernote would get a consistent web experience throughout the application.

If this is Phase 1, what’s Phase 2?

You (our wonderful users) have been clamoring for selective sharing for some time. So, we decided to make it available in phases as we build out the functionality. Right now, most notebook sharing functions are only available through Evernote Web. Soon, you will be able to share right from your desktop or mobile Evernote. Like with everything else we do, sharing will be everywhere. Our developer API has already been updated to support the new sharing features, and we can’t wait to see what you all come up with.

If you want to join us on the first step of this ambitious journey, you can do three simple things: (1) Make some notebooks that you want to share, (2) invite your friends, (3) tell us how to make Evernote better.

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