Finding new hosting services

I’ven’t update my blog as I want to take a break. I’ven’t turn my computer on after work.( NONONO, I’ven’t got my own computer  after live with my bf…OnO!! ) so I spend most of my time playing with Elmo, doing some housework etc…..

I am finding a better hosting for testing my wordpress themes as my dreamhost account Expired.

(this is the main reason why i stoped update my themes…)

I am now planing join bluehost or hostmoster, both of their price is.

So, I’ll update those themes soon :)



Update :

I’ve choose bluehost one year plan finally, the new domain  is : 😀

If anyone want to have a free hosting blog, I can share my bluehost’s hosting with you.

  1. wangjel
    Jun 05, 2008
    mediatemple grid service it is not expensive and the environment is really good good work nice themes......... greatings wangjel
  2. Scyfox
    Feb 09, 2008
    Hello. Happy to hear you'll be comming back. I'll be using your theme to my 2.0 version so i hope everything works like wonder as i see here. Best of luck Silla!
  3. Tom
    Feb 02, 2008
    its great to hear that youre back, alive, happy and updating again! to test wordpress themes you can easily get used with xampp for example. it offers you mayspl and phpadmin like a normal host. you can save bandwich and money of course too - its absolutly freeware and fabulous. greetings tom
  4. Nuno Coelho
    Jan 28, 2008
    Hey! youre still alive :) i'm happy. Please please update Plainbox!!! PLEASE!! its my favourite!
  5. Marcel
    Jan 23, 2008
    Love to hear from you, because I like your themes very much. Greez Marcel