Flickr from “Beta” to “Gamma”


前天到flickr時發現flickr 由「BETA」變成「GAMMA」了!

介面 (GAMMA)改變幅度非常大,主頁方面, 上面的menu bar變成下拉式選單, 可以放進更多功能, 不用再到頁底找, 很方便呢, 但是不能 one-click 就到要去的畫面了。搜尋功能亦加強了、還有新功能Buddy Icon。

另首頁檢視原本2X5有10張,現改為3X6 有18張, 可以顯示更多相片。

Organizr 的功能改變最大, 令人激賞, Organizr終於不是用 flash 的了 , 完全使用 Ajax 技術. 單張相片網頁改變幅度不大. Photostream 的瀏覽變成 3 columns 式, 同一頁可看到更多照片, 便用全畫面, 版面更見用了。


Flickr from Beta to Gamma

New Navigation
We’ve rationalized the site’s navigation, cleaned it up and (hopefully) made it much easier for both new users and experienced users. The new system breaks down into: You, Your Contacts, Your Groups & The World (aka Explore).

Aside from that, there are some other large changes in the new release:

New Search
Search has been greatly improved (with full booleans and multiple tags, you’ll be AND, OR, NOT and +ing and -ing your heart out), We’ve also added a search box to the top of every page and redesigned the results pages, so you can search for anything from anywhere.

New and Improved Organizr

We’ve given the Organizr a complete overhaul, aiming for maximum speed, more flexibility in searching and browsing while making your workspace bigger.

Person Menu

The pink balloon? Popped! Now you can mouse over anyone’s buddy icon and get a useful menu which lets you jump directly to their photos, profile, favorites and more.

More Photos

In our continuing efforts to show you the millions of photos on Flickr, we’ve bumped up the number of photos you can see on most pages around the site. (And, when you’re searching, you can toggle between seeing thumbnails or a larger version of each photo with some extra information.)

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