Generated Habitats


好cute的公件, 第一眼見到仲以為係朱古力, 如果係朱古力一定冇人捨得食呀。

這些公仔由 rhya和 kyle 製作,會在一個在Toronto叫“Generated Habitats“的exhibition 展出。

Kyle and I cast close to 50 polyurethane scupltures from five silicone molds to produce our instillation which is titled From The Fields. It was a huge learning experience. The antlers were the hardest part, being the trickest to initially cast and mold.

The Field Figurines are placed all about the apartment. I took some pics to illustrate what I mean, but if you are in Toronto, you should definitely check out the show in person, there is a ton of great work, a beautiful bathtub intillation, an artificial lagoon and a room on it’s side!



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