Js Theme 2.0 – PolarLight Style Pack 01



Download Jstheme’s Skin For :

Note : This is not a wordpress theme, This is Jstheme’s Style.

Install :


You must install this plugin if you want the better change skin tools. Provides the ability to apply different skins to a theme By Windy Road.

copy the ‘skinner’ directory to your wp-contents/plugins directory.

Activate Skinner in your Plugins administration page.

Put The Jstheme’s Sin into the Jstheme/skins folder

You will now see the ‘Skins’ and ‘Skin Editor’ entries in the ‘Presentation’ menu.

  1. Josh
    Feb 03, 2008
    Thanks for this template! I love this one! :p
  2. laine
    Sep 05, 2007
    hi i just downloaded and installed but on presentation it says No template what should I do?
  3. Jay Kwong
    Jun 19, 2007
  4. Jsthemev2.0a PolarLight Wordpress Theme Released » WordPress主题中文站
    Jun 16, 2007
    [...] 预览: 作者:jsbox 语言:英文 版本:2.0 适用:2.x 预览:Demo Theme |下载:jstheme.zip 说明: 这是jsbox的第二款经典主题。功能和外观非常出色,支持多套style,具体请在使用主题后设置。style下载:style_pack _01, style_pack _02, style_nightwish。 [...]
  5. G
    Jun 15, 2007
    Baby blue looks great!