Laura Veirs – Year of Meteors

專輯�??稱:Year of Meteors
專輯歌手:Laura Veirs
唱片公�?�:Nonesuch Records

Laura Veirs - Year of Meteors
專輯曲目:[listen MP3]01. Fire Snakes
02. Galaxies
03. Secret Someones
04. Magnetized
05. Parisian Dream
06. Rialto
07. Through the Glow
08. Cool Water
09. Spelunking
10. Black Gold Blues
11. Where Gravity Is Dead
12. Lake Swimming

來 自西雅圖的創作女歌手Laura Veirs,除了99年的首張�?��??專輯外,2003年在�?洲曾在Cocteau Twins的Bella Union廠牌下發行“Carbon Glacier�?,�?�得英國傳媒大力贊賞,The Guardian稱贊:‘出奇的優美’,Uncut還給予5顆星滿分高評并�?�為當月最佳專輯。�?�到爵士�?�他手Bill Frisell�?��?�引見�?�,與Nonesuch簽約�?�也在美國發行。2005最新作�?“Year Of Meteors�?,Laura Veirs�?舊散發出甜美�?浪漫的民謠旋律之音。Q�?Mojo�?Uncut雜志與AMG音樂網站紛紛給予5顆星高評。Seattle-based singer-songwriter Laura Veirs calls her 2005 Nonesuch release Year of Meteors “a road record.” “It doesn’t sound like one,” she says, “but it is.” Veirs had spent most of 2004 touring in support of the hauntingly beautiful Carbon Glacier, her breakthrough effort and Nonesuch debut. She started out in Europe, where she was greeted with overwhelming critical praise and sold-out houses. Then Veirs worked her way around the States, where she was still just being discovered (though the reviews were also often superlative). The experience was at times heady, other times grueling, and she incorporated it into her new songs. However, given Veirs’ vividly descriptive yet dream-like lyrics, you won’t learn anything about her actual itinerary. Year of Meteors is no ordinary travelogue, but it will definitely take you on a remarkable journey.”All the songs are about transportation, motion,” Veirs explains. “If you listen to the words, there’s always some movement happening, whether it’s greyhounds running down a mountainside as mud flows or a person flying off into the sun or someone lurking around the bottom of the sea. I think that’s because I was in motion so much of the year. Somehow I knew that all the traveling would come into the songs, but I wanted to remain focused on the bigger things, not just life on the road, so that’s why there are no direct references to that.” There are, she hastens to add, “love songs related to that experience, like the struggles of being away from home and your partner. Or having my band and the different relationships I have formulated, many of them very close because of the intense circumstances of touring. So it’s a relationship record too.”And, finally, it’s a band record: a fertile collaboration between Veirs and her studio band, the Tortured Souls (who often play live with her)–Steve Moore (piano, organs), Karl Blau (bass, guitar, vocals), and producer Tucker Martine (drums, percussion, treatments). Viola player Eyvind Kang, another longtime associate, also sat in. As Veirs explains, “When we talked about making the album, we decided to record a lot of these songs as a band first, then do some more of the solo type of songs. It had always been the opposite before, I would go in and record the more quiet guitar parts and sing. This time, half of the record or more are tracks that we did live as a band first. Then we went in and recorded the quieter ones. We approached this from the beginning more as a band album and it really turned out that way.”
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