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Moo 又有新野喇, 今次是可爰的正方小貼貼,每包有90粒貼紙, 價錢大約$70元hkd, 7月還有free郵寄呢。


All about StickerBooks

  • Stickers are printed on high-quality, scratch-proof vinyl
  • Six stickers are printed per sheet.
  • There are 15 tear-out sheets
  • Each sticker is 22mm x 22mm
  • You can choose the colour of your StickerBook


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  1. openboy
    Sep 16, 2010
    哈哈,我超级喜欢这个,之前升级flickr pro时moo送了一套,后来又从楼上那个趣奇也做过。还是moo的要精致一些,就是贵了些- -
  2. newbie
    Jan 21, 2010
    现在趣奇网kuukie.com也为中文用户提供了一模一样的个性化minicard和business card的定制服务呢。
  3. ehab
    Aug 02, 2007
    Lovely stuff :)