Plain Box 2.1 Change log

After last week received many comment about pbv2 beta from you guy,

I’ve made some revise:

1 – Header – now support TTFtitle plugin, you can change your header to graphic text without using Photoshop.

2 – Post’s Thumb – theme still work with or without install Get Custom Field Values plugin

3 – Show comment count

4 – 2 screencast updated ( screencast have no voice as I am shy speaking in English)

How to add thumbnails to the Home Page

  1. Make sure the Get Custom Field Values is activated. This plugin is included in the theme download in the folder “plugins”.
  2. Go to Custom Fields under where you edit the post in your WP admin.
  3. Under Add a new custom field type thumb in the Key field.
  4. Enter the address for the image ( size: 280 x 140px ) in the Value field. For example:(e.g.
  5. Click the button “Add Custom Field”
The header grapghic
Method 1 – Header Image

The header grapghic was developed for “PlainBox”. If you run your own blog, please change this graphic to your own one. You can find the PSD file in the "PSD" folder and has a size of 950 × 220 pixels.

Method 2 – TTFtitle Plugin

This plugin provides two new template tags to replace plain text with styled images.

  1. Flik Teoh
    Sep 28, 2008
    Hi Jay, Is there any ways to contact you via MSN ? Looking forward to discuss about plainbox with you. It's a nice piece of work :) Contact me soon !
  2. studioleland
    Aug 05, 2008
    Howdy, When will this be released?
  3. Tim
    Apr 10, 2008
    Hey Jay, how are you? Do you remember me:p You made the Blueperl for me :) I love your new theme ! I hope K2 will be supported for Wordpress 2.5 soon. Keep your nice work on. Like you(k)