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OK Go -又有新搞作,一次比一次勁呢!

ok go太強太強太強了~由Get Over It開始已經迷上他們~~他們的MV每次都有新驚喜的~ 新碟”Of the Blue Color of the sky“的This Too Shall Pass mv更是十分華麗的 ,Rube Goldberg Machine version 音樂配合大型推骨牌鏡頭一take過更是勁勁勁 (好像拍攝cut了60次的說)!

OK Go – This Too Shall Pass – Rube Goldberg Machine version (要fullscreen睇呀!)

OK Go – This Too Shall Pass – 原版 (好可愛 8>3<8)

acoustic版都好ok o架~

送埋WTF MV比你睇 , 睇到眼都花

更多精彩 mv 請到 OK GO 的 offical site


Green Day 新作 21st Century Breakdown 到手

苦等5年 Green Day 新作 21st Century Breakdown 終於到手~


專輯以迷人丰采所吟唱的「Song Of The Century」拉開了這場聖戰的序幕,緊接著結構多變的「21st Century Breakdown」以五分鐘的時間點出整張專輯主軸。首發子彈「Know Your Enemy」步伐迅速輕快,在吉他聲興高采烈地鼓舞之下,確定炮火方向!女主角葛洛莉亞初登場,「!Viva La Gloria!」以琴音悠揚引導,卻以熱血沸騰,轉化成一首燃燒青春的不悔輓歌。在誓死一搏之前,童年時光回憶湧現,將苦痛昇華成革命武器, 「Before The Lobotomy」裝填著勇氣,絕不回頭!另一位主人翁克利斯坦快速奔跑,「Christian’s Inferno」想要逃離心中煎熬的獄火。在死亡籠罩下的愛情就是一首魔鬼詩篇,「Last Night On Earth」燦爛美好如夜晚戰場的炮火,心醉危險卻依舊奮不顧身。工業搖滾氣息播散的「East Jesus Nowhere」向政客嘔像發射滅絕之火,「Peacemaker」點燃舞動神經,絕對是盡情Moshing的最佳歌曲。「Last Of The American Girls」帶著海灘男孩合唱團(The Beach Boys)口吻繼續這場聖戰,「Murder City」搖滾炮火猛烈,站在命運十字路口的「?Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl)」,用復古的方式表達自己的徬徨恐懼之後,接續唱著「Restless Heart Syndrome」這首受了重傷的抒情搖滾。有著Green Day最招牌式和弦的「Horseshoes And Handgrenades」、爽朗自在的「The Static Age」,全都再度點燃高昂鬥志。在彈盡援絕時,「21 Guns」帶著自省、延續著夢碎大道上的動人音符,「American Eulogy」決定孤注一擲,為了苦苦企盼的終點「See The Light」的到來!
這個世界有太多的不平衡,在醜陋的利益分配下有太多的犧牲者,你我或許都改變不了這個荒謬的世界,但所幸我們還有Green Day,永遠和次文化肩並肩,一路忠實地記錄著….。

《21st Century Breakdown 》共收录18首新歌

1. Song Of The Century

Act I: Heroes and Cons

2. 21st Century Breakdown
3. Know Your Enemy
4. Viva La Gloria
5. Before The Lobotomy
6. Christian’s Inferno
7. Last Night On Earth

Act II: Charlatans and Saints

8. East Jesus Nowhere
9. Peacemaker
10. Last Of The American Girls
11. Murder City
12. Viva La Gloria (Little Girl)
13. Restless Heart Syndrome

Act III: Horseshoes and Handgrenades

14. Horseshoes And Hand Grenades
15. Static Age, The
16. 21 Guns
17. American Eulogy
18. See The Light


我是由這裡愛上greenday的 :



Miss Fran 法藍


最近愛上了她的歌聲, 推介歌曲:打雷了, 我不等 :

fran法藍 2007年在Street voice網路上開始發表自己的創作曲,豐沛的創作力累積之下,總共寫了近百餘首歌曲,其中包括搖滾、抒情、電音、等不同曲風,所有的創作包括了詞曲以及編曲概念。

大學畢業後 全心埋進創作 無悔踏上音樂人之路

對音樂充滿無可取代的熱情,自2007年政大畢業之後,全心埋進音樂創作之中,這一年期間為了專心音樂創作,而婉拒了電影、舞台劇工作的邀約,只希望能夠 成為全職的音樂人,由於創作的數量豐富而且曲風變化常常出乎意料,在網路上造成大量網友的瀏覽以及點閱聆聽,每次網友聆聽過後總會留言表示希望有機會能夠 聽到歌曲正式上市發行,有鑑於此,製作公司特別從fran法藍在網路上發表的創作中挑選出5首人氣最旺的demo,成立四人特製音樂部隊,一人製作、一人 編曲、一人錄製混音以及一人創作主唱,耗費大量的時間重新填詞、編曲,經過約半年的精心製作,終於完成了首張EP『Miss Fran』,無需用太多的言語解釋,只要用心聆聽!

輕搖滾迷幻電音樂風 以無限溫柔的嗓音吟唱療傷

首張EP『Miss Fran』以法藍對音樂、生活,以及愛情的態度想法出發,當我們自己開始離自己內在那個圓滿的個體愈來愈遠,離內在的東西愈來愈遠之後,混亂衝突就會發 生,於是透過音樂自我療傷之後獲得的安慰,將情緒趨於平靜而快樂。在充滿壓力以及憂鬱的年代,法藍以無限溫柔的嗓音吟唱療傷,撫平那看似不起眼卻啃噬深處 的傷口!



Vanessa Carlton – Heroes & Thieves

Three Grammy nominations, third studio album… the symbolic third time may well be charming for Vanessa Carlton, whose forthcoming Heroes and Thieves (The Inc. Records) showcases the maturing talents of the 26-year-old singer/songwriter/pianist. Calling it “the best batch of songs I’ve ever written,” she brings them brilliantly to life with a star team of co-producers – Irv Gotti, Stephan Jenkins and Linda Perry. The result is a standout collection for an artist who first exploded onto the scene in 2002 with her stunning debut Be Not Nobody and its hit singles “A Thousand Miles” and “Ordinary Day.”

Her debut album in April 2002, Be Not Nobody, resonated with audiences of all ages, especially the hit piano single “A Thousand Miles,” which reached the Top 5 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles chart. Carlton went on to earn 2003 Grammy nominations for Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist (“A Thousand Miles”). Her second album Harmonium, which yielded the single “White Houses,” continued to inspire an increasingly loyal fan base and garnered some the best reviews of her career.

What Vanessa Carlton has learned during the past five years is clearly the fodder that makes up the most compelling components of Heroes and Thieves, a thematic album best listened to in its entirety, despite the cafeteria habits of the iTunes generation. “People tell me my songs are a little weird or unconventional, but in a good way and I like that,” says Vanessa Carlton. “I really wanted this album to be the one you want to wake up to on a Sunday morning and listen to over and over.”


Sa DingDing – Alive



Waking Ashland – The Well

Waking Ashland 是我最愛的美國 Indie band , 好幾年前第一次聽他們的Hands On Deck以經迷上他們了。

等了2年, 他們的新專輯終於推出了, 當然第一時間上網訂啦。

It’s the second album of Waking Ashland.
Waking Ashland is a five piece rock band hailing from the San Fernando Valley in Northridge, CA. Formed in November of 2003 with the goal of performing a form of rock that was not driven by corporate interest, but by an intense sense of genuine emotion. The punk/hardcore roots of the instrumentalists create a collective personality rare among a saturated and processed rock/pop music scene. The band was formed by Jonathan Jones, Ryan Lallier, and Thomas Lee.

After a couple of months of writing, the band went in to Golden Track Studios in San Diego, CA to record their debut EP. Six days later the “I Am For You” EP was complete.
Since the bands inception, one of the top priorities has been to promote as much as possible and get the music out to the masses. Thousands of samplers,which contained three songs from the EP, were handed out all over the Los Angeles area; These samplers were met with a great response. This along with usage of internet promotion created a good buzz not only around Southern California but also around the entire nation.

The band began playing shows with a good friend, Robert, helping out on Bass.But in March of 2004 the last pieces of the puzzle were added to the band;Derek Vaughn, and Nick Rucker joined Waking Ashland.

Track Listings
1. Salt Lake Jam
2. Handful of Names
3. Your Intentions
4. Diamonds in the Hillside
5. Change
6. Sinking is Swimming
7. Mark Like Mine
8. Let It Ring
9. Looking Alive
10. Drought of 2001
11. Money
12. Take Me With You

Jonathan Jones – vocals, keyboard
Ryan Lallier – guitar
Nate Harold – bass
Tim Very – drums

Andrew Grosse – bass
Thomas Lee – drums
Nick Rucker – guitar
Derek Vaughn – bass

他們成軍於 2003 年
成功堀起於 Myspace 以及 Purevolume
Myspace 點閱率高達 1,300,000 次
以及在 Purevolume 也是高達 1,200,000 次的點閱率
最新專輯 The Well 已經在國外發行囉!

Composure (2005)
The Well (2007)

發行過的EP :
I Am for You (2004)
Telescopes (2006)

[coolplayer width=”570″ height=”400″ autoplay=”0″ loop=”0″ charset=”utf-8″ download=”1″ mediatype=””]
Waking Ashland – “Hands On Deck”
Waking Ashland – Julian
Waking Ashland – I Am For You
Waking Ahsland Acoustic Performance(好可愛的live *u*)
Waking Ashland Studio update 12.6.06



最近發現到一個叫Akeboshi 的音樂人,被可愛的貓喵彈琴cover吸引了,原來很紅,因為其作品《Wind》是《狐忍Naruto》的主題曲。

聽畢《Wind》,再聽【Yellow Moon】,不難發現Akeboshi 的民族音樂元素鮮明,以及其對節奏的處理是很到家的,再加上一把沉厚(佬味)的聲線,實在是個奇異的配搭。合以上三個元素組成的過癮曲目《Yellow Moon》是富有夢幻雄厚氣氛的典型日本動畫主題曲,偏偏我最喜愛這樣的氣氛,而且,精彩的是在鋼琴riff下,整體的氣氛是既悲亦壯的,當然多得 Akeboshi 的聲音帶給多愁善感的情緒,MV拍得好,尤像坐上一輛夢之火車。當然,這首作品毫無難度地再次成為《狐忍Naruto》的音樂。在悠揚的笛子下是另一首民 族感強烈的《One step behind the door》,出奇地亦是因為Akeboshi 聲音而添置了不經意的感覺與氣氛。

除了異國色彩外,在Hip-Hop節奏下的懶散《Peruna》中的鋼琴將層次豐富了;環迴鋼琴的《Hanabi》卻在其獨突的強弱音下表現得恰當的悲涼,或是Post-rock與House互混的《Deep End》的爽快,都是Akeboshi 帶給我的驚喜與刺激。

Akeboshi 是擁有獨突音樂觸感的音樂人,如果你喜歡一些佬味重的聲線,喜歡在不同音樂類型上亦有鋼琴聲在遞送愁感及美感的音樂的,大可以試試Akeboshi 。


Akeboshi (明星) is a male Japanese popular music singer. He is mostly known for the song Wind , used as the ending theme to the anime Naruto for the first twenty-five episodes.

Akeboshi was born in 1978 in Yokohama. He learned to play the piano when he was three years old. After that, he also learned to play the guitar. Akeboshi studied music in Liverpool. His time in England has influenced his music a lot.

Akeboshi’s songs are mainly sung in Japanese, but there are some notable songs that are sung in English, such as Night and day , ‘Money’, and Wind . Another remarkable thing about Akeboshi’s music is that he rarely uses the basic 4/4 time measure. Wind and ‘Kamisama no Shitauchi’ for example, are both written in 5/8

More recently the song Yellow Moon (again used in Naruto) has added another great piece to the artist’s collection

[coolplayer width=”570″ height=”400″ autoplay=”0″ loop=”0″ charset=”utf-8″ download=”1″ mediatype=””]
Yellow Moon
Akeboshi – Wind




[coolplayer width=”570″ height=”500″ autoplay=”0″ loop=”0″ charset=”utf-8″ download=”1″ mediatype=””]
그대만 있다면 – Loveholic
Loveholic – 차라의 숲
Loveholic – 바람아 멈추어다오
Love Holic – After Love
Loveholic – maria


200 pounds beauty OST

上星期六冇咩野做, 去在睇 “200 pounds beauty”

“200 pounds beauty”內容是說一個女仔唱歌好好但又肥又樣衰, 之後受在好大打擊之後去全身整容, 之後做左歌星咁囉。

女主角叫金亞中, 戲入面的肥婆原來都係佢演的, 勁!


其中由Youme唱的 “Maria”, “星” 都好好聽, “星”有兩個版本, 另一個個版本由金亞中唱, 兩個版本都ok似, 不過Youme把聲比較有層次, 同有感情。

金亞中唱了2首歌 – “Beautiful Girl” 和 “星”, 都ok 喎。

推介歌有 :

Youme – “Maria”
Youme – “星”
Alex(Clazziquai) – Dance With My Daddy
金亞中 – “星”
金亞中 – Beautiful Girl 都ok

[coolplayer width=”570″ height=”400″ autoplay=”0″ loop=”0″ charset=”utf-8″ download=”true” mediatype=””]
Maria – Kim ah joongMaria – Kim ah joong
200 Pounds Beauty Movie Trailer
” STAR” Music Video sang by Kim Ah-Joong
Kim Ah Joong – Beautiful Girl (MV)
Loveholic – 原版Maria