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WPtouch Theme – WordPress on iPhone


yeah, jsblog有iphone版了!!

把心一橫裝了個 WPtouch plugin,這個plugin使用十分方便,他會自動偵測瀏覽器類型,如果使用 iPhone 或 iPod Touch 的話便會自動守轉成iphone網頁,提升瀏覽速度。

另外, WPtouch 是可以修改 theme的,在wptouch/themes/ 內。之後亦打算重新design一下jsblog的iphon版。

附上我現在用的試驗中的theme, 把file放在themes folder內便可 ,  有興趣可下載使用啊 :



原本的theme :


使用User Agent Switcher可用firefox模擬 iphone

安裝 User Agent Switcher
https://addons.mozilla.org/zh- TW/firefox/addon/59

設定 User Agent Switcher
工具 ==> User Agent Switcher ==> Options ==> Options ==> User Agents ==> User Agents ==> Add…

Description: iPhone
User Agent: Mobile Safari 1.1.3 – iPhone (Windows NT 6.0; U)
App Name: AppleWebKit/420+ (KHTML, like Gecko)
App Version: Version/3.0
Platform: Mobile/1A543 Safari/419.3


Plain Box 2.1 Change log

After last week received many comment about pbv2 beta from you guy,

I’ve made some revise:

1 – Header – now support TTFtitle plugin, you can change your header to graphic text without using Photoshop.

2 – Post’s Thumb – theme still work with or without install Get Custom Field Values plugin

3 – Show comment count

4 – 2 screencast updated ( screencast have no voice as I am shy speaking in English)

How to add thumbnails to the Home Page

  1. Make sure the Get Custom Field Values is activated. This plugin is included in the theme download in the folder “plugins”.
  2. Go to Custom Fields under where you edit the post in your WP admin.
  3. Under Add a new custom field type thumb in the Key field.
  4. Enter the address for the image ( size: 280 x 140px ) in the Value field. For example:(e.g. http://www.yourdomain.com/wp-content/themes/overstand/http://dearj.com/pbox/readme/images/example.gif)
  5. Click the button “Add Custom Field”
The header grapghic
Method 1 – Header Image

The header grapghic was developed for “PlainBox”. If you run your own blog, please change this graphic to your own one. You can find the PSD file in the "PSD" folder and has a size of 950 × 220 pixels.

Method 2 – TTFtitle Plugin

This plugin provides two new template tags to replace plain text with styled images.


Plainbox v2.2 out now!

是我的第二個設計的wp theme , version 1版已是在2006年製作的 ,由於wp到目前已update了很多version了, 所以決定製作一個新的version2版本。

PlainBox is mostly K2, just with some minor design tweaks here and there. This
is the second wp theme made by me .The 1 version was develop since 2006.As WP
has updated many version , so I decided develop the new version compatible with
WP 2.5+.

plainbox 是我在學習 css和ajax的習作, 設計理念是以簡潔, 優雅為主 , 所以亦用了天鵝為他的logo。

I practise CSS and AJAX Skill during develop the theme, so, there may be many mistakes on this theme, If anybody finds mistakes ,
please tell me and i will try my best to fix them.

由於平日的工作很忙, 所以平時只有在lunch time 抽出時間製作, pb的製作期十分長, 由計劃到完成已有3個月多了,pb適用於wp2.3+ 版本,

Plain v2 Bata is work fine with WP2.5

As I am a junior in using css, the style of this theme may not be good. I test pb v2.0 in firefox v2 & v3, and it look fine, but in IE7, it may get some mistakes. If anyone knows how to fix this error, Please let me know . Please have a try and feel free to give me some feedback about it. Thank you very much.

Please post your suggestions/questions in the comment form below. I will try to answer them if time allows. Also I would request other users to answer the queries by fellow users if possible.

(Please let me know about any mistakes in grammar . I’m not so good at English but I’ll try to fix them)


This is not a style for k2, it is meant to be installed as a
stand-alone theme.
Requires WordPress 2.3+

If anyone want to help me test the theme, please free feel drop me some comment. 😀

Donate to support Plainbox theme

If you find this theme useful, please consider sending a small donation (you choose how much!) via PayPal.


Js Theme Updated

Js Theme a little bit update to 2.3,

test work with wordpress2.3+

And I am planning modify the theme that I am using for open download.

You can find my todo list here


Js New Theme

I’ve design some new wordpress theme, but haven’t coding yet :)

JsBlog V6.0 😀 Drawing Graphic Now :


Idea Of Js v6, But Finally haven’t use it :


New Theme for Download, Finished Layout :



JsTheme – PolarLight v2.2 beta


Js Theme 2.0 named PolarLight

This version can let you change the style of Jstheme. Now have 9 styles available for Download. And I will make more style for you guy download soon :)

The most important change at this version is now work with wordpress 2.2+ , use K2 change style option and wordpress Widgets (I Span most time to learn about how to make it work as i haven’t make it b4)

Please have a try and feel free to give me some feedback about it, Thank you very much.

Download Jstheme – PolarLight

Demo | User manual | More Style | Plugin Pack for beginner | Screenshots

Last updated : 16.09.2007 – Jstheme v2.3

Please read the usermanual before use this theme

( Demo site use deamhost. um…the speed is vary slow…..I am looking for a better one)

Change Log & comming up:


JsTheme v2.2 beta version and Fixed width version release



JsTheme v2.1 beta version release

1: 3 Column widgets
2: Add admin"skins" page
3: Fix IE bugs
4: Plugin pack for beginner



1 : Now support Last f.m Cover
2 : Link change to 4 column (sidebar2) and 3 Column ( sidebar 1) , so that you can slow more link.
3 : Comment text field add icon
4 : Modified css style

and more…


JsTheme v2.0a alpha version release

TODO LIST :View Todo list