Waking Ashland – Composure

Waking Ashland

Waking Ashland – Composure
Waking Ashland

1. Shades Of Grey *****
2. I Am For You *****
3. Rumors ****
4. Edinger ***
5. October Skies *****
6. Let Go ****
7. Hands On Deck *****
8. Long Shot ****
9. Silhouettes****
10. Same Problem ****
11. Medication ****
12. Overjoyed *****
13. Sing Me To Sleep *****


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Waking Ashland is
Jonathan Jones – Vocals+Piano
Ryan Lallier – Guitar+Vocals
Thomas Lee – Drums
Andrew Grosse – Bass


Nothing flashy, just great music, August 19, 2005
Waking Ashland’s debut album is proof. Proof that you don’t need to be virtuosos to make great music. Proof that simple chord progressions and the classic verse-chorus-bridge-chorus structure is effective when done well. Proof that you don’t need layers upon layers of synthetic overproduction for something to sound good.

Unlike other bands that simply throw in classical instruments to make it sound ‘artistic’ or ‘classical’ or whatever, Waking Ashland is centered around the piano, with the others built around it. The result is solid, controlled, chord-based songs, and layered on top of that is some great singing and vocal harmonies, with guitar, bass and drums filling out the sound.

Whether it’s the energetic songs such as “I Am For You”, “Overjoyed” and “Longshot”, the more laid back “Same Problem” or “October Skies”, or the ballads “Hands on Deck” and “Sing Me To Sleep”, you are guaranteed music that is well-crafted, catchy and honest.

I agree with Brendan Trimboli, for fans of Mae, This Day & Age, and other light rock bands, Waking Ashland is a perfect fit. Or for anyone looking for some relief from their diet of emocore/pop-punk/post-hardcore bands (as I am), Waking Ashland is a welcome contrast.


Waking Ashland is a five piece rock band hailing from the San Fernando Valley
in Northridge, CA. Formed in November of 2003 with the goal of performing a
form of rock that was not driven by corporate interest, but by an intense sense
of genuine emotion. The punk/hardcore roots of the instrumentalists create
a collective personality rare among a saturated and processed rock/pop music
scene. The band was formed by Jonathan Jones, Ryan Lallier, and Thomas Lee.
After a couple of months of writing, the band went in to Golden Track Studios
in San Diego, CA to record their debut EP. Six days later the “I Am For You” EP
was complete.
Since the bands inception, one of the top priorities has been to promote as
much as possible and get the music out to the masses. Thousands of samplers,
which contained three songs from the EP, were handed out all over the Los Angeles
area; These samplers were met with a great response. This along with usage
of internet promotion created a good buzz not only around Southern California
but also around the entire nation.
The band began playing shows with a good friend, Robert, helping out on Bass.
But in March of 2004 the last pieces of the puzzle were added to the band;
Derek Vaughn, and Nick Rucker joined Waking Ashland.
Waking Ashland will embark on its first nationwide tour on May 28th of 2004.
Hard work and supportive fans will keep this band out on the road and forever
promoting their music…

Hands On Deck

All hands on deck don’t abandon the ship
You’ll never know what it could have been
All hands on deck my ship is sinking
Don’t let me go, Don’t let me drown

A step to the right to your own rhythm
Because what comes next is up to you
I need a miracle to save me from this
I need the angels to all pray for me
I can’t believe you

Another day another worry
Breaks right through
And indecision bleeds me dry
She’s turning pages I’m not making for her
She’s painting pictures without me in mind
I can’t believe you

The long walks on Moon Light beach
The promises you could not keep
Your so contagious, Your so contagious
For all the world we did not see
For all the smiles you gave to me
They’re so contagious, So contagious
So very fake

Goodbye to you
Goodbye to you

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