WP Plugin : Get Recent Comments

最近用Get Recent Comments 取代了 原本的 Brian’s Latest Comments, 因為 Get Recent Comments 可以顯示gravatars和比較有彈性, 可以自行決定顯示什麼內容和pingbacks.


  • Highly configurable via WordPress’ admin interface.
  • Adjustable layout by macros.
  • Different handling of trackbacks and normal comments.
  • Support for gravatars.
  • Option to exclude comments to posts in certain categorys
  • Installable by one-click-install
  • Doesn’t show pingbacks originating from own blog
  • Download

    1. Bass
      Sep 10, 2010
    2. driver70
      Oct 11, 2009
      Let us not settle for the status quo, but instead be visionary, creative and bold. ,
    3. Lesia Conway
      Nov 13, 2008
      ztewli16q6bytx70 最近用